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Awesome Dawson

April 23rd, 2013 · No Comments · Books

Review By ANDREA ZOLLMAN The words “reduce, reuse and recycle” have served as the battle cry of environmentalists for years and are worthy concepts to teach to the youngest of children, but how? One way is to show them through action: recycling cans, bottles, and paper products; reusing plastic bags and containers; and purchasing items […]

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We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers

April 20th, 2011 · No Comments · Books

Review By JENNIFER GANNETT Charlie and Lola are siblings who have many adventures in a variety of storybooks and star in their own television program (also available as popular DVDs).  In the story We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers, older brother Charlie helps Lola (and readers) learn about the many benefits of recycling.  After learning some basic […]

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The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

November 29th, 2010 · No Comments · Books

Review By JESSICA ALMY Climate change is not just a difficult problem, but difficult to understand as well. Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen attempt to make the causes and effects of global warming accessible to children in The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge. I have to admit that after reading this book, my […]

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Eco-Family’s Guide to Going Green

November 14th, 2010 · No Comments · Books

Review By CAROLYN M. MULLIN Going room by room in an average home, the Eco-Family’s Guide to Living Green provides an alternate twist to the “green” genre of children’s non-fiction. “Oh, no!” and “Way to Go!” bubbles reinforce or help readers reevaluate their enviro-habits in each living space. In the kitchen, there’s an “Oh, No!” […]

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