The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids by Ruby Roth

November 1st, 2019 · 2 Comments · Books

THE HELP YOURSELF COOKBOOK FOR KIDS by Ruby Roth is a joyful adventure in assembling snacks, creating colorful drinks, and exploring new flavors and textures in food. The vibrant combination of drawings and photographs of both ingredients and techniques makes the recipes even more appealing. 100% plant-based, each recipe is described in plain language with a kid-focus, and most include just a handful of ingredients.

Ruby Roth, the author of V is for Vegan and That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, opens the cookbook with an introduction to her eating philosophy and a summary of ingredients with which children may be unfamiliar. There is also a “Kitchen Safety” section and a note to caregivers that acknowledges discomfort with children in the kitchen, but encourages grown-ups to help make cooking both fun and healthy.

Snacks like banana Power Towers, basil Leaf Poppers, and kale Dino Rolls are both easy and tasty. Granola Crumble, Mushroom Jerky and Broc-O-Tree Bisque are easy, but require some use of the oven or stove. For slightly more involved recipes, Roth always includes an “adult alert.” This allows children a level of autonomy, but makes sure they stop and look for help when needed.

Aimed at the 6-12 year old age group, The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids is a fantastic introduction to cooking for children. It will help adults in a food rut re-ignite their love of playful food as well. Highly recommended!

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