Even More Lesser Spotted Animals

July 10th, 2019 · 1 Comment · Books

There is nothing “lesser” about the animals highlighted in Martin Brown’s clever and deeply funny follow-up to Lesser Spotted Animals. With the same awkward, caught-unawares images of lesser known animals and with just as much high interest information as the first book, EVEN MORE LESSER SPOTTED ANIMALS is a must-have for kids of all ages. As the subtitle says, this beautiful mini-encyclopedia features “brilliant beasts you never knew you needed to know about” on every page.

The humor is accessible to young and old, and the animals depicted show attitude and grudging appreciation for being officially featured – even on the front cover! Whether children read one or two pages or the entire book through, they’ll want to go back again and again to check out the details and very funny highlighted skills. On the page featuring different sengi, for example, there is an pull out section that included the “nose-picking sengi.” And the ribbon seal’s sliding walk has a descriptive and funny illustration that makes sure readers understand the “sliding walk” is on its belly, not on its back flippers. The Blainville’s beaked whale describes itself as “beaky and freaky.” Older children will especially appreciate the details about the gray slender loris, whose stink rivals a middle school locker room.

Martin Brown’s deep research into these animals comes through on every page. The easy feel of the jokes and clever mini-conversations between animals. Even the glossary includes fun images and descriptions.

Highly recommended. Seriously. Watch this preview of Even More Lesser Spotted Animals while you wait for its July 30th release date!

Review by Kristin Wald

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