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This book by P.D. Eastman is part of the Dr. Seuss family. Similar in style to Go, Dog, Go, it’s an early reading book about two kids and their dog playing in the snow. They run, throw snow balls, build a snowman, ski, make an igloo.

It’s a simple book with simple pictures that are good for read-aloud and for learning to read. However, I can’t stand it. I am not a fan of P.D. Eastman, though I know his books are popular with the kids. We have this one and Go, Dog, Go, and I just don’t like to read them. My daughter enjoys them enough though they are definitely not amongst her favorite books, and certainly not as loved as the real Dr. Seuss books. I’ve always felt thatit’s a major stretch to include P.D. Eastman books in the Dr. Seuss family of books.

In one part of the book, the two children build an igloo and sit down for a picnic. It’s strange – it seems all they eat is meat. “Do you like to eat?  Do you like meat? Come and eat our meat.” I get that it’s a nice rhyme with easy words, but each time I get to this part, I stumble because I’m not sure how to proceed.

My daughter received this book at birth, and I’ve held onto it thinking that she might enjoy it when she is learning to read. However, I’ve decided that I don’t like the book enough make the meat reference acceptable. I’ll be donating this book to make room for my daughter’s Christmas presents.


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  • Blessedmama

    Hey, I love the honest review! I had a review column for seven years for a homeschooling newsletter, and I always felt that a review column was meant not just for positive reviews but negative ones as well. Now, I’m curious about this meat-lovin’ Eastman.

  • Jen

    I appreciate your review of this book. It’s funny, this was one of my favorite books growing up. I loved the pictures of the child playing in the snow. It reminded me of carefree winter days. I have it for my children now and enjoy reading the sing-song rhymes to them. I do agree though it is good to get different perspectives . ..

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  • Tanya Voigt

    Where can I buy this book Snow?

  • Christina

    This was my most favorite book when I was 5 and now I am 44 and this book is still my favorite…it brings back so many memories of my late mum reading it to me and I just wanted to say thank you…

  • Mel Sheperd

    I’m so sorry to hear
    that you do not like that book so dear.
    When I was small
    and could not read
    this book helped me
    plant the seed
    of learning.
    You see, I, too, loved SNOW
    SNOW SNOW SNOW s-n-o-w.
    And fun. And play.
    And so I say
    perhaps you might
    have another look
    and use your right
    to dream some dreams,
    some silly dreams
    and scheme some schemes,
    implausible schemes.
    Like hurling spheres
    at someone’s ears.
    And hic and cough and laugh
    and I’ll hurl one back on your behalf.
    And if we sit in igloos chilly
    and picnic, yum, on something silly
    like made up food
    that’s oh so good
    then a day well had
    is all we could
    hope to have
    this frigid day
    unless you’d rather
    me rhyme away
    and play with words
    that run on and on
    instead of going out! Begone!

    Now I am sure
    that you prefer your
    books demure
    like Cookie and Moon
    but someday soon
    you may just like —– Snow.
    but not today or all this week
    as most the country sneaks a peek
    out the windows and sees
    nothing but —– Snow.
    Not trees.

    So, if you please,
    when summer comes
    and the sun is hot
    and the sweat does run
    I would rather not
    go out for fun,
    but stay inside
    with AC on,
    with freezer door open wide
    and count the snowballs stuffed inside.
    You see when the heat is hot
    and the hu is midity
    and the grass needs cut
    and kids are fidgety
    I’ll dream of a time
    when bugs are dead
    and there’s no grime
    from sweaty heads.
    I will dream of
    winter’s fauna,
    or dogs on sleds
    and birdbath saunas.

    You see, I love that book.
    And hope you choose
    to have another look
    and see with eyes and head and heart
    that this corny story can be a part
    of family fun and bed time giggles
    for you and kids
    and I’ve run out of cheesy rhymes
    so I’ll end it here and leave you to
    count your kidlings’ wee little piggles.

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