What Is Easter?

April 16th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Books


What Is Easter? describes traditional Easter celebrations as the narrator attempts to determine the true meaning of Easter. Is it the bunnies, the eggs, the candy, the baby chicks, the gifts, the fancy dress, the parade, the choir? No, of course not! Though these things are fun, Easter is about Jesus. After describing meaning of the holiday, the book ends with “It’s all about God’s son” with a image of a family praying in church.

Religious families will appreciate a book that plainly and simply describes the meaning of Easter in a fun manner. Jesus’ death and resurrection are described in a happy tone which makes the spirit of the holiday joyful, unlike some other Easter stories. Families may be concerned that death is mentioned, which may spark difficult conversations.

Vegan families will appreciate that the eggs mentioned are plastic eggs filled with candy (though jelly beans are mentioned, which are likely not vegan). Families concerned about animal welfare will be concerned that buying chicks is described as part of the traditional Easter celebration.

Ages 2-6.

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  • BlessedMama

    This is great! As a vegan, Christian family, this book sounds like it will fit in nicely to our library. Thank you.

  • dewydeeee

    Sounds like the book is informative. I was looking for such book so that my children can understand the real meaning of Easter.

  • JK

    Interesting comments. I was actually going the other way with this one. I liked the book but don’t like the idea of buying baby chicks as an Easter gift, so we got rid of it.

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