Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors

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Quiet Bunny sees the beautiful spring colors around him – the red tulips, the yellow sun, the blue jays, the green frogs – and is sad that he is the dull brown and white color of winter.  Quiet Bunny rolls in red clay, covers himself in honey and yellow dandelions, squishes blueberries all over his fur, and wraps himself in green lily pads, all in an attempt to change his color to be more beautiful. Nothing works. He can’t walk with the red clay, rain washes away the blueberry stain, and the lily pads fall off as he hops around.  No matter what he tries, Quiet Bunny cannot change himself to become as beautiful as the spring colors he sees everywhere he looks, and he is sad. The wise old owl, also brown like the winter trees, tells Quiet Bunny that he is indeed quite beautiful. All of the colors of the spring forest contribute equally to making the forest beautiful – including brown and white. The book ends with a very happy bunny saying, “We are all different colors and we are all beautiful!”

This book is beautiful. The illustrations of the spring forest are bright and bold and so full of detail. Each page is a different color showing in detail the many beautiful sights of spring. My toddler enjoys finding the hidden gems on each page, such as the tiny lady bug crawling on the red flower. For the pictures in this book alone, this book is worth a read.

The message of this book is obvious and stated clearly on the last page. Every color of the world is beautiful and all of the colors together are needed to make the world a beautiful place.  Also, there is no sense in trying to be something you are not – it won’t work.  Good messages to teach our children.

Recommended. Ages 2-6.

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