Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth

November 7th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Books


While many of us know that composting is an environmentally friendly thing to do, most of us are yet to do it. Many more don’t even know what goes into composting. In Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth, Mary McKenna Siddals gives the reader a crash course, ABC style in what goes into making compost.

With great illustrations and easy-to-read pages, this book offers a good look at composting and is easy for children to understand. It is also a helpful tool for parents who may wonder what all goes into composting.

There are some interesting things that are added to compost that some people may not have thought about before, such as hair snippings and laundry lint.

There is one reference to adding in eggshells that vegetarian and vegan parents may want to know about. Also, it says to add an “insect or two” which left me wondering and hoping they weren’t promoting the killing of insects.

Ages 4-8.

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  • Mary McKenna Siddals

    You’ll be pleased to know that no insects are harmed in the making of Compost Stew. In fact, a healthy compost heap is teeming with insect life, as these critters play an essential role in breaking down the ingredients and returning them to the earth. They’re part of nature’s recycling crew, and when we compost, we’re just helping the process along!

    Thanks for sharing Compost Stew with your readers, and helping to spread a little green in the world, one apple core at a time…

    Mary McKenna Siddals

  • ashley wolff

    Nice review! Thanks for the compliment on the illustrations. I have to admit that I did collage a very dead (already) Crane Fly into the artwork for ” An insect or two.”

  • Jacqueline

    My pleasure! Thanks for commenting on it. We appreciate that. 🙂

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