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In Unlovable, Alfred is a dog that is different – so much so that he is repeatedly told by the other animals in the house that he is unlovable. Even the other dogs don’t really care to play with him. Because of this, he feels bad about himself, and his self-confidence is nonexistent.

One day, new neighbors move in next door, and they have a dog. As Alfred speaks to the other dog through the fence, they cannot see each other; because of this, he feels he is able to carry on the relationship. Sure that the other dog would find him unlovable if they were to meet face to face, he hides when the other dog digs through the fence to visit Alfred in person.

Yet Alfred sees something completely unexpected – the dog from next door is the same type of dog he is, so there is no way that he could be found to be unlovable. Immediately, they are best of friends!

This is a great book for any child who feels unattractive or different, or who has a hard time making friends. It demonstrates that there is someone out there for every person, and that everyone is lovable!

Ages 4-8.

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