Happy Feet (2007)

July 20th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Movies


Vegetarians who forgo fish for environmental reasons will adore “Happy Feet.” Along with giving kids a glimpse into the natural history of penguins,¬†this animated movie also deals with issues of overfishing, environmental destruction, and animal suffering in zoos. Kids will learn that we need to leave the fish in the oceans for the penguins, and leave the penguins in the wild.

While the pop music and dancing isn’t for everyone, the animation is beautiful and the dialogue is witty¬†— and there’s even a depiction how the legislative process can effect change. To view the trailer, visit iTunes.

Rated PG. Ages 5 and up.

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  • Jenn K

    Thanks for this recommendation. We watch it last night with my kids ages 7 and 3. My 7 year old loved it. My 3 year old was scared of the leopard seal chase scene and didn’t want to watch the rest. I loved most if it. I thought it was a bit to heavy handed on the importance of finding a romantic partner from birth. I loved the focus on being different and standing up for yourself who you are. And the zoo section was so amazing, so affecting. “After three days, he lost his voice. After three months, he lost his mind.” it was a good movie.

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