Pooh: Just Be Nice… to your little friends

March 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Books


This Winnie the Pooh book by Caroline Kenneth is a great addition to any young vegetarian’s book collection. The book takes kids on a journey of discovery, finding out what happens when we don’t treat the bees, butterflies and birds nicely.

As usual, Pooh is up to his old trick of stealing honey from the hive, while Tigger and Roo go butterfly-catching and Rabbit yells at the birds for being in his garden. Next thing they know, the woods is not the same place that they know and love.

They have mistreated these creatures to the point that it has disturbed the very nature of the Hundred-Acre Wood. Upon realizing what they have done, they quickly make amends with their little friends, and vow always to be nice to them.

This is a good book for helping to show the importance of having compassion for all of Earth’s creatures. And vegans will rejoice at the end when, rather than stealing the bee’s honey, the story ends with Pooh politely asking the bees if he could borrow some.

Ages 0-4.

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  • Jenn Kali

    Thanks for this review. We picked it up from a little free library and we love it! A really great Pooh book.

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